Who we are

At Neev Investment Advisories, we believe in conservative investing. Our purpose is to help people grow and preserve their wealth for a single reason: To secure their goals — Today and Tomorrow. To help clients succeed, we follow two guiding principles:

Investment Discipline

Our approach to investing begins with a perspective both broad and deep. We combine time-tested investment specialization to seek investment opportunities that we believe will be promising over time.

Service Excellence

We add value to the investing process through personalized service and comprehensive wealth management solutions. Excels through our one-to-one relationships with clients and our client-centered service approach.

Management Team

Ranita Gupta

Founder Director of NEEV Investment Advisories

Ranita is the Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director of Neev Investment Advisors. Prior to launching Neev in India, Ranita worked in the Forex market as a trader in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E for many years. On her return to India in 2002, she joined a leading investment management firm and was the key driver of the company's retail mutual fund business. In 2009, she set up her own investment firm, Neev, to advise clients in Mutual Fund Investments and overall portfolio management. Over time, she has also successfully added new verticals related to insurance, direct equity, Fixed Deposits and real estate investments to her product suite.

Neev currently serves over 200 clients and boasts 50 Cr Assets Under Management (AUM) -- all grown under Ranita's entrepreneurship and leadership. More than numbers and relationships with industry companies, what gets Ranita going is the fact that her advice has helped many of her clients reach their personal goals and ambitions -- buying houses, educating children, taking care of marriage expenses, and so on. Ranita has transformed many lives through her counsel and advice on cultivating prudent, regular investing habits.

Ranita is also regularly invited to deliver seminars and talks on personal finance and "the investor mindset" at leading multinational companies in India. She received a Bachelors degree in Commerce from Bangalore University, as well as a diploma in software development from NIIT.

Anand Gupta

Business Development Executive

Anand spends his time at NEEV working on the NRI product suite and business line. He has spent 6 years working in the energy industry, first as a consultant in the energy efficiency sector, and then as a strategy executive at one of India's largest clean energy companies. He has advised government clients on energy policy, piloted new age energy technologies, and done investing and mergers and acquisitions in early-stage clean tech companies. He has worked very closely with C-suite executives in his corporate career.

His motivation to build NEEV and work in financial services comes from the fact that advising people in planning personal finance and portfolio management enables them to lead their lives of financial freedom. Additionally, creating channels for NRIs to invest back into India is a perfect win-win for all parties involved: NRIs can get potentially higher returns, and investments increase in the Indian markets helping GDP, balance of payments, and employment in the country.