Vanita Soni Khanna

Founder Director - Vsvedic Astrology

I know Ranita Gupta from when NEEV was launched.
One of the biggest advantage with her is that she is neutral and will suggest the best without any vested interest. She is structured and methodical which is so critical when it comes to finances. Ensuring regular updates, and reports, keeping your  interest in mind. Love her professional approach completely. I wish her loads of portfolios as I know they will be safe and prospering.

Col Harbinder Singh & Narendar kaur

Indian Army

I wish to place on record my appreciation of my financial advisor Ms. Ranita Gupta who has been instrumental in handling my, my wife’s and our children – the entire finance portfolio since the year 2009. Though my children joined later. In fact, I started investing into Mutual Funds thought Ms. Ranita on the recommendations of a family friend in Pune and I don’t ever regret that decision. I am really satisfied with Ranits’s services on both these counts, notwithstanding excellent client relationship she has established with me, my wife and children. I wish her good luck in all her endeavors.

Bhavana Bhatia - Citibanker from Dubai, Retired and Relocated


I have known Mrs. Ranita Gupta since 2009. Thank you for your invaluable advisory services. The best feature of your advise is that it is always presented or associated with a long term goal. She encouraged me to think and plan my life, which is very much in the mode of goodness as opposed to short term which leads to greed, hastiness, etc. I am lucky and happy to be associated with you. Thank you for supporting me in my dreams, plans and goals without judging me for having them! Thanks to Retirement Planning planned for me by Mrs Gupta, I could actually take an early retirement (at age 37) and live my dream.

Rajat Bhatia - Chief Engineer

Merchant Navy

Thanking you for handling my portfolio over the last 6 years, because of you, I have been able to invest wisely in the mutual funds and Life insurance with pension cum returns benefits. I have met many financial advisors and understand this industry, hence based on that, I would like to compliment you by saying that you are one of the most honest person who always gives the correct path on investing rightly especially with a LONG TERM APPROACH, which is very important for young investors like me who have just started their family life. I can give many examples like she has given me guidance on investing for my infant daughter, for my wife, for us as a family & all the goals are very SPECIFIC with TIMELINES DEFINED ! You always keep yourself updated with the best in the industry by attending seminars, attending meetings plus industry specific learning!! Thanking you for your services in managing my financial portfolio!

Ragini Soni

Vice President Accenture

Going strong @ 14. Back in 2005 you introduced me to equity markets and really pushed me to create my DMAT account. One of the best learning of my life on “making money work for you”. Thank you for the same. Ever since, this relationship has grown leaps and bonds. Appreciate all your coaching and guidance on creating and expanding my portfolio to the mutual fund market as well. You have shown great patience in explaining the dynamics to a lay-person. Provided appropriate and timely advice at all times. Look forward to the next 14 + years.

Sudhir Bapat - Co-founder

GO-BIO Retail Pvt Ltd

Mrs Ranita Gupta has been advising us on mutual fund investments for nearly 15 years now. She has a good understanding of the market and is very objective in her recommendations keeping in mind the specific requirements of individual family members.

Rohini Jain


I'm a homemaker. Finance has never been my field of interest. I met Mrs. Ranita Gupta in 2011..she helped me with my renewal of my FD'S which had matured. She showed me the way to MUTUAL FUNDS. I had no idea about investments. Ranitaji's guidance & patience to keep answering my silly questions again & again led me to a HEALTHY PORTFOLIO. I think if we can get a guide like her to help us in our finances, we will not loose interest on money which is lying idle.

Kiran Bhat – Managing Director

Xebec Communicatons Pvt Ltd.

I have known Mrs.Ranita Gupta for over 10 years. She is a dedicated Financial Planner/Advisor and always puts her clients first. I have been investing with her for over a decade and have gradually increased my investments. She has a practical approach and is open minded enough to listen to her clients ideas too. She is an advisor who is with her clients over the long haul. I would highly recommend her services to potential clients.

Col.Melwyn & Audry D’souza

Indian Army

Having Interacted with NEEV Investment Advisories headed by Mrs.Ranita Gupta, I found her to be sound in market trends, her studied advise on short, mid & long term investments and more importantly her aptitude & patience to listen and recommend the best the market could deliver in the time frame I so desired. Wishing NEEV and Ranita well. I strongly recommend that we all stand to gain, being in her company.

Rajas Sardesai Bhosale - Principal

Gopal’s Garden High School, Mumbai

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mrs.Gupta for her expertise, genuine care, and detailed attention that she has given with regards to my financial planning. Her guidance, recommendations and through ethical professionalism continue to impress me. It has been a real pleasure to work with you. Wishing you the very best and loads of success Mrs.Gupta!

Retd. Commodore Vijay Sarwate

Indian Navy

Would like to put on record the excellent analysis and advice that you have painstakingly and systematically been providing my family and myself in respect of my investments. You have ensured that my meagre savings has grown into reasonable saving, which is helping see me through my twilight years.

Pooja Bhatia - Homemaker

Ranita mam is one of the few advisors who works for the client. I have always felt safe and assured that my finances are managed well. She has helped me shift gears, from living for the moment, into saving mode. This has brought a financial discipline. Big thank you to her for that.